tauon pendant

why ELECTRODOT?  simple- so we can live our lives in technicolor AND kodachrome at the same time!!   life is way too short to wear only grey, people.

the TAUON PENDANT is made up of deep, glassy pools of vivid color that hang from a 18", medium weight chain with a 2" extension and clasp.  they are finished with a satin matte texture and come in two sizes.  the extra large pendant is 3 1/4" x 2" in size; the midsize pendant is 1 3/8" x 3/4".  

available in sterling silver or silver plated bronze.  sealed with a clear lacquer that helps to keep the piece clean and sparkly. all of our products are lead and nickel free of course.

to see full color stories, check out the BOSON CUFF.  of course customs color requests are always welcome-  just include a note in your order and we will work it out!!