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Amy Torello has long been fascinated by jewelry.

Working in paper, glue, and colored pencils, she made her first collection at age eight. At age sixteen, she was introduced to silver-smithing and her fate was sealed. After years of travel and a few career changes, Amy headed south, to Mexico. She landed in Taxco de Alarcon, high in the mountains outside of Mexico City. As a colonial city long known for its tradition of hand-crafted silver jewelry, it was here Amy had the great fortune to apprentice with several master silver smiths before opening up her own studio, which she still operates today.

These days we find Amy using a variety of methods to bring her ideas to life. Embracing both traditional hand-crafting skills as well as modern technologies, Amy strives to create something that both empowers and brings true joy to the women who wear her collections. Finding inspiration everywhere, she is particularly fascinated with the relationships between color, texture, movement, and form.

                                                                     Amy Torello is a global nomad that takes every chance she can to see the world. When not out exploring, Amy divides her time between San Francisco and San Miguel de Allende, where the navigations between history, art and tourists seem to never end. Though it may be true that an urban atmosphere is what most inspires her, deep in her soul, she is always daydreaming of houses by the sea....